Luxurious Lounging

Another full-on week has been and gone with my BIG news of the week being that I had my first vaccination! Woo hoo! ‘Why oh why would a woman in her 20s need the jab?’ I hear you cry. The answer is that I take funny old drugs that have pushed me up the list, so I’m feeling very lucky right now! These will fly!

Another event that has brought about some questions is that my chap will be 60 at the end of this week. Again, why oh why would a woman in her 20s be with a man who’s 60?! Too bizarre and shocking, I know!

One of the hardest things for everyone is not to be able to celebrate with loved ones. With a bit of inventive and creative thinking, I will do my best to spoil him rotten all weekend as he definitely deserves it! We’re all going to have one hell of a party when this is all over eh?!

So, while a night on the town isn’t on anyone’s current ‘to do’ list, it’s nice to add a touch of glam to your sofa style. And we have just the thing to help with that… our stunningly sumptuous new two piece loungewear set, the Kasbah Tamiya. It’s soft and stretchy with a kaftan neckline and is available in this gorgeous anthracite and grey marl. It’s even fancy enough to separate and wear out and about… when we’re allowed again! So get in quick and grab one before they disappear as I’m anticipating that these will fly!

Comfy Kasbah loungewear

We are busy unpacking more boxes of gorgeous Kasbah and will get the images on the website as soon as possible!

There are still plenty of fab clearance bargains on the website too so don’t miss out of any of those. I’m doing my best to keep available sizes updated in the ‘more’ section under the pics. I was a bit remiss with the Summer pieces but I’m doing quite well with the Autumn collection.

I’m also adding our gorgeous linen masks to the sale. They are all now £5 each plus £1 p&p unless they are being sent with other goods. Let me know if you’d like some more. The money raised from the original sale of these masks (£2000) has been put to such great use by The Dons Local Action Group so a big thank you to everyone for your support with this campaign. All colours and patterns, including the funky leopard prints, are still currently available although stocks are very low.