It takes rain to make a Rainbow

Gosh, what a joy it’s been to see some of you back in the shop this week! I needed a lift to my spirits after the very sad news about the Duke of Edinburgh. He very much reminded me of my dad; cheeky, irreverent but kind and compassionate so I started mentally reminiscing and recalling joyful moments spent throughout my life. I do love to reminisce but I also know how important it is to look forward and that’s what we all have to do now as we all deal with the Pandemic Blues! 

So… despite the extraordinary snow scenes earlier this week (2 degrees on the way to work, 15 on the way home… just bizarre!), nature is blooming everywhere and we have some fantastic colours in the shop to bring some cheer to your soul! More photos will be online within a few weeks but to make sure you don’t miss out on your faves, book in to come and see me and have a rummage through for yourself. The shop is literally packed to the rafters!

Getting ready for the warmer weather has of course exposed the horrors of my non pedicured feet! Saw this and thought maybe this is the answer?! (Yes I know, ever so slightly creepy!! 😊)

Let there be sunshine!

And finally, just to add a bit more ‘sunshine’ to this glorious week… I’ve made some mid-season reductions. So grab a few bargains either online or when you come in to see me (there are more bargains to be had in the shop).

Enjoy the sunshine, seeing friends, trips to the hairdressers and beauty salons, drinks at the pub, outings to the gym (is that something to enjoy?!)…whatever it is you’re doing, have some fun! We all deserve that right now.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Stay safe and sane!

And finally…

Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City