Going dotty!

Well, yes, this heading probably does relate to me right now as there’s so much going on I do sometimes feel like I’m losing the plot slightly, but actually, I’m referring to the wonderful array of fabulous spots and dots we’ve got in the shop right now.
Everything from round dots and subtly distorted abstract spots, to circle prints, ovals and animal print splodgy spots (in an abundance of amazing colours). Whatever your spot preference, we’ve got you covered!
Spots are perhaps the greatest design for clothing as they disguise and flatter so incredibly well. They are the Goldilocks of the fashion world; not too flashy, not too discreet… but just right!
We’ve got a fantastic array of tops, tunics, dresses and trousers for you to choose from; something for every occasion. And we actually have occasions to dress up for now so that’s a reason to celebrate if ever I heard one! I do so hope you’re all getting out into the glorious sunshine, having some fun and seeing ‘long lost’ friends and family! 

So, go a bit dotty this week and treat yourself to some of our amazing spotty delights! So much to choose from…

Via Appia spot shirt and ovals top, Robell Bella spot crops, Q’neel spot tunic and spot dress, Masai Norise dress, Pont Neuf Celeste spot top and Rina circles top, Angel Circle long tunic and the comfy, fun playsuit.

Don’t miss out on your favourites, either online or in the shop. It’s lovely seeing so many of you again in person, so book an appointment and come on in for a thorough look at all the gorgeous things we have in this season.
Busy preparing for more photos on Sunday so it won’t be long before there’s even more to see online. I’m afraid I still haven’t managed a hair cut but as no-one ever notices when I’ve had my hair cut, I’m sure it won’t make a big difference 😊
Take care ladies and I look forward to seeing you soon.

Thought you’d enjoy this ‘spot the difference’ competition I ran for my friends. Can you tell which one is me! 😊

Something to make you chuckle…

May your clothes be comfy, your coffee be strong, and your Mondays be short.

And finally…